This is How We Overcome - Hillsong Worship ( Lyrics and Chords )

Original Key : F
Transposed Key : F
Font Size Adjustment:
F G Am

F          G                Am
Your light broke through my night
F                  G     Am
Restored exceeding joy
F          G         Am    
Your grace fell like the rain
F                    G       
And made this desert live

         C       G                   F          G      
You have turned  -  my mourning into dancing
         C       G                 F      G G#m Am
You have turned  -  my sorrow into joy 

F         G         Am 
Your hand lifted me up
F                 G      Am
I stand on higher ground
F           G          Am
Your praise rose in my heart
F                    G      
And made this valley sing

F              G   Am
This is how we overcome
F              G   Am

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