By Your Side - Hillsong Worship ( Lyrics and Chords )

Original Key : G
Transposed Key : G
Font Size Adjustment:
G G/F Em G/F

Oh dear God we ask for your favour
G/F                    C
Come and sweep through this place
    Em    D   C
Oh we desire You
I just wanna be with You, be where You are
G/F                       C
Dwelling in Your Presence O God
   Em        D         C
Oh I want to walk with You

    G      D              C
And I will climb this mountain
    Em        D       C
And I'll step off the shore
    G      D         Em
And I have chosen to follow
    D          C            G
And be by Your side forever more.

Tell me what You want me to do, Lord God
G/F                       C
Tell me what You want for my life
     Em       D         C
It's Yours oh God, it's Yours
Do Your will, have Your way
G/F                 C
Be Lord God in this place
   Em     D            C
Oh I want Your will to be done.

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