We Want To See Jesus Lifted High - Doug Horley ( Lyrics and Chords )

Original Key : E
Transposed Key : E
Font Size Adjustment:
E B C#m A B

E              B            C#m 
We want to see Jesus lifted high
              A      B                E
A banner that flies across this land
                   B                 C#m 
That all men might see the truth and know
          A      B
He is the way to heaven

E                  B 
   We want to see,
we want to see
               A     B
We want to see Jesus lifted highs

E       B                  C#m 
Step by step, we're moving forward
          B              C#m 
Little by little, taking ground
      B                 C#m 
Every prayer a powerful weapon
Strongholds come tumbling down and down and down and down

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