Thank You for Loving Me - Tommy Walker ( Lyrics and Chords )

Original Key : G
Transposed Key : G
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G D/F# C G C D

       G                             D/F# 
What love the Father has lavished on us
                             C        G
That we should be called His sons and daughters
C               D
Precious in His sight
        G                         D/F# 
Greater love this world had never seen
When He hung on that tree
  C            G
O why would He do such a thing
    C                  G
For dirty sinners like you and me?

  G   D/F#                 Em
O God thank You for loving me
            Bm                  C
When on the cross You made history
Lord You died for me
   C                   D
Forever my praise will go to Thee
  G   D/F#                   Em
O God thank You for choosing me
           Bm                    C
To be Your child and bear Your name
  G            C              D
O Jesus I will never cease to sing Your praise

     G                              D/F# 
Your love is patient and humble and kind
It's greater than all my sin
   G                   D
It always protects and trusts and hopes
And will have no end
          G                               D/F# 
It's Your love that lifted me up from the depths
Set my feet on a solid rock
With a firm place to stand
       C                         D            
Lord I always will trust in Your loving hand

How wide how long
How high how deep
    C               D
How endless is Your love for me

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