One Day - Hillsong Church ( Lyrics and Chords )

Original Key : A
Transposed Key : A
Font Size Adjustment:
A E F#m D

A                   F#m 
  More than I could hope or dream of
G                    D
You have poured Your favour on me
A                F#m             G
  One day in the house of God is better
       D                    E
Than a thousand days in the world

D    E
  So blessed
C#m        F#m 
I can't contain it
D     E 
   So much
            C#m      F#m 
I've got to give it away
D      E
  Your love
    C#m          F#m 
has taught me to live now
G         E
  You are more than enough for me

A   D                    A            D 
  Lord You're more than enough for me

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